AMFC League Championship

Each year the AMFC organizes the League Championship for member clubs.  Clubs are divided into 3 groups and each group  participates in 6 rounds of competitions at the venues chosen by the organizers from the clubs.

Association Matches 

The first and last rounds of the League are organised by the AMFC and all of the clubs enter a team of 4 anglers, these are referred to as the Association Matches.

All other matches in the league are organised with in the 3 groups by the group members, see the note below for more information.

Notes for Team Captains

Notes for Organizers

2016 Fixtures

23.04.2016Spring Association Match (All Groups)RutlandJohn Caldwell
28.05.20162nd Round Group 1BewlJohn Hancock
11.05.20162nd Round Group 2BewlDavid Little
09.06.20162nd Round Group 3HanningfieldNeil Cohen
25.06.20163rd Round Group 1GrafhamChris Bobby
01.06.20163rd Round Group 2ChewMartin Cottis
23.07.20163rd Round Group 3PitsfordTerry Bayes
30.07.20164th Round Group 1DraycoteRussell Bell
16.07.20164th Round Group 2DraycoteDai Davies
20.08.20164th Round Group 3EyebrookDavid Moore
04.09.20165th Round Group 1PitsfordDean Rudd
26.09.20165th Round Group 2GrafhamDavid Moore
08.09.20165th Round Group 3GrafhamDerek Bravington
08.10.2016Autumn Association Match (All Groups)Chew John Caldwell