Group 1 Round 2 Match report.

Rutland Water 14th May

Following 2 days of strong cool westerly winds with little in the way of insect life hatching match day was bright and still with only the slightest of  southerly and easterly  breezes at times through the day. At the start some boats headed towards the blue pipes where good fish had been seen moving to shrimps and snails and a bank angler had caught an early limit.

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Group 2 Round 2 Report – Grafham 11th May

AMFC G2 R2 on a wintry May day on Grafham
Five teams, with Bristol RFF absent,  found it challenging on a cold wet and windy Grafham Water in this second round of the Championship.All the teams had some members practicing the day before and knew the fish were concentrated in the south-east and north west of the reservoir feeding on buzzers and it wasn’t surprising when the fleet split 25% in Gaynes and 75% in Savages, mostly starting with buzzers on a variety of floaters, sink tips, washing line, straight- lining or the bung.

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AMFC Round 1 – Bewl Water Bewl Water 23 April 2022

The Spring meeting of the Association of Major Fishing Clubs took place at Bewl Water in Kent on a blustery spring day. The cold north-easterly wind did not make it easy for the 56 anglers from 14 teams who ventured onto the water. Reports of fish in Rosemary Lane and Dunsters meant that the majority of boats headed for Bewl Straight. A few anglers headed for the Bowl between the draw off tower and Chingley; a few went down Hook Straight to Bramble Bay and a couple of boats headed towards Ferry Point to fish the bank towards Monty’s Seat. Most anglers appeared to favour a floating or intermediate line or one of several different sink tip lines, but a few sinking lines were evident in the boats.

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AMFC Round 1 ; Bewl 23rd April 2022

The first 2022 Association Match of the AMFC league (Round one) was held at Bewl on a very blustery spring day. Both the weather and fish made it a tough day – but as ever there were some excellent catches from the top players.

There will be a full report to follow from the Grey Lags who took top place in Group 2 – March Report

These are the full results of the match

Group 1 round 1 results

Group 2 round 1 results

Group 3 round 1 results

May 2019 Round 2 – Results

The results for all of the groups round 2 matches have been posted and can be seen on the results page,

For a report of Group 3’s round 2 match go to : Many thanks to Lyndsay Simpson for this write up.

The highlight for my day at Farmoor was the catering, the restaurant was open for a full fisherman’s breakfast and after the match we had a really excellent Lasagne – which we needed after a very tough day!

Group Positions after Round 4

Now that R4 is complete the current league placing sand points become more interesting, please see below:
Group 1
1) Invicta ‘A’ : 22 points
2) Soldier Palmers ‘A’ : 14 points
3) Fish Hawks : 13 points
4) Tunbridge Wells : 12 points (by weight)
5) H.F.A. : 12 points (by weight)
6) RWFFA : 11 points

Group 2
1) BBFC ‘A’ : 18 points
2) England Police : 13 points
3) GWFFA ‘A’ : 12 points
4) Graylags : 9 points
5) BBFC ‘B’ : 8 points

Group 3
1) Invicta ‘B’ : 15 points
2) Bristol Reservoirs : 13 points
3) RNRMAA : 12 points (by weight)
4) Soldier Palmers ‘B’ : 12 points (by weight)
5) GWFFA ‘B’ : 7 points

Group 2 Round 4 report

Fishing was extremely tough at Graham on 7 July at Grafham for the fourth round of the Group 2 series of matches. Rod average was 0.47 and only 11 anglers caught any fish at all. The hot weather has finally turned the fish off at Grafham – a big change from the matches midweek. Hats off to the top rod on the day who was Frank Sumnall of Bewl who managed to take 3 fish on nymphs fished along the north shore. Mike Heritage caught the biggest fish on the day, a rainbow of 3lb 3oz

AMFC Group 3 Round 3

13th June – Grafham Water

The Weather.

The wind on the day was a light to moderate South South Westerly, increasing through the day to reach about 12mph in the afternoon and veering to West South Westerly. Although fishing started with a bright spell. for most of the day we had 80+% cloud cover, with another bright spell in the middle of the day. In short a excellent fishing conditions, however the wind had moved almost 180° overnight so fish that had been found on the North shore during practice on Tuesday might well have moved or been unsettled.

The Fishing

My Boat Partner David Moore Doing Some Serious Fishing

Fish were caught from Pig Bay to the Willows on the North shore and in Gaines cove with a good number of larger fish taken to achieve the 2lb 2oz average weight. The largest fish weighed in at 3lbs 10oz to give Jeff Hickson (Invicta) the second heaviest bag of the day, beaten Tony Wilkinson (RN) with a bag weighing 23lb 4oz.

The new catch and release format worked well and 105 fish were killed and a further 50 released giving a rod average of over 5 fish. Grafham really out did itself providing excellent competition fishing, rewarding those who found the fish and the technique on the day.


My boat partner and I were using a washing line on a floater with a tequila FAB on the point and two diawl bachs or hares ears on the droppers. These consistently took fish through out the day on the North shore between Church bay and deep water point. Others used dries to great effect, notably Peter De Kremer who managed to take eight fish on dries by five o’clock in Gaines.


As a competitor on the day obviously I had a limited view of what others were doing – so if you where there please add your comments on the day.


Peter Waterhouse