AMFC Round 1 ; Bewl 23rd April 2022

The first 2022 Association Match of the AMFC league (Round one) was held at Bewl on a very blustery spring day. Both the weather and fish made it a tough day – but as ever there were some excellent catches from the top players.

There will be a full report to follow from the Grey Lags who took top place in Group 2 – March Report

These are the full results of the match

Group 1 round 1 results

Group 2 round 1 results

Group 3 round 1 results

First Round of 2017 League Matches Held at Bewl

The first round of the 2017 championship was held at Bewl on the 29th of April.

The results of the Spring Association match are available here.

From the accounts that I have heard the day was tough – but some found the fish and there were some good fish caught. This is the first match fished under the new Catch and Release rules and it appears to have worked well. I realize that there are views on both sides regarding C&R – but so far so good.

It would be good to have some feedback from those who fished.