AMFC Round 1 – Bewl Water Bewl Water 23 April 2022

The Spring meeting of the Association of Major Fishing Clubs took place at Bewl Water in Kent on a blustery spring day. The cold north-easterly wind did not make it easy for the 56 anglers from 14 teams who ventured onto the water. Reports of fish in Rosemary Lane and Dunsters meant that the majority of boats headed for Bewl Straight. A few anglers headed for the Bowl between the draw off tower and Chingley; a few went down Hook Straight to Bramble Bay and a couple of boats headed towards Ferry Point to fish the bank towards Monty’s Seat. Most anglers appeared to favour a floating or intermediate line or one of several different sink tip lines, but a few sinking lines were evident in the boats.

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AMFC Round 1 ; Bewl 23rd April 2022

The first 2022 Association Match of the AMFC league (Round one) was held at Bewl on a very blustery spring day. Both the weather and fish made it a tough day – but as ever there were some excellent catches from the top players.

There will be a full report to follow from the Grey Lags who took top place in Group 2 – March Report

These are the full results of the match

Group 1 round 1 results

Group 2 round 1 results

Group 3 round 1 results