Match Dates 2021

  • Saturday 22nd May at Grafham
  • Saturday 24th July Rutland Water
  • Saturday 25th September Draycote Water

Teams are in each group this year, 

Group 1 is: Rutland, GWFFA ‘A’, Soldier Palmers ‘A’. Bewl ‘A’, Fish Hawks, Tunbridge Wells

Group 2 is: Invicta ‘A’, Bewl ‘B’, Bristol, Greylags, Soldier Palmers ‘B’

Group 3 is: EPFFA, RNRMAA, GWFFA ‘B’, Invicta ‘B’ 

However we have a newly formed club that has applied to join the AMFC and the Chairman, Treasurer and I have invited them to fish in our three matches this year before they can officially be elected as members at the next AGM in December. This is the ‘Flyfishing Large Reservoirs Club’ organised by Neil Cohen who formerly was running the Hanningfield Club and later HFA. They would like to enter an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team and our suggestion is that they will fish in Group 3.