Notes for Match Organisers

  1. The Boats have been booked but just make sure.
  2. Make sure that the meal has been booked and check the price. Contact the other Team Organisers at least two weeks in advance to tell them the price and to confirm how many of their team are staying for the meal. If possible ask them to send you a cheque. If this is not possible, confirm the price with the other Team Captains on the day so they can collect the right amount of money from their team members. If any member of any team is not going to stay for the meal then that Club must let you know at least two days earlier (see Notes for Team Captains). If they have NOT done, so make sure they pay for all six meals (unless the caterer lets you off).
  3. Once you have been given all the team names fill in the Boat Draw and Score Sheet.
  4. Liaise with the reservoir staff about the pre-match briefing.
  5. Although most reservoir staff are happy to help with the weigh in, if you want their help then make sure they know what time they will be required.
  6. Complete the results sheet provided during the weigh-in and total it up as carefully as possible. Send it to me in the stamped addressed envelope provided. Remember that results announced on the day are provisional until ratified by the Committee. Please email a match report and any photographs of winning teams, etc., to Peter Firth (
  7. If there is any problem, liaise with all the other Captains to find a solution. If you think the problem needs a Committee decision, please contact the Secretary as soon as possible.