Notes for Team Captains

It’s not difficult being team captain for the day but everything will run much more smoothly if everyone knows what is required of them. These notes are designed to help this process.

Before the match                 

If any member of your team is not staying for the post-match meal, you MUST let the Organiser know AT LEAST TWO DAYS beforehand. The days when caterers shrugged their shoulders, and just asked to be paid for the number of meals eaten are long gone and most now insist on being paid for the number of meals booked.

On arrival                              

If you have not already done so by phone or email, give the Match Organiser the names of your team members in the order you want them to appear on the score sheet, and pay the organiser for the meals (in cash) if you have not prepaid by cheque.

Before the start                     Your Club should have pre-paid for the boats but your anglers will have to buy their own fishing ticket at all Anglian Water venues and Bewl Bridge. Please make sure this happens so that the start of the match is not delayed. The fishery management at Chew, Draycote, Eyebrook and Hanningfield prefer all boats and fishing tickets are paid in one go.

Make sure your anglers are aware that control of the boat is by mutual agreement, or by the toss of a coin if agreement cannot be reached. Normally control of the boat switches every two hours but there is no need to change ends unless one of the anglers insists.

At the weigh-in                     

It is, of course, the responsibility of the individual anglers to ensure that their weight is recorded correctly, but it is your job to check that the team weight is correct.

After the match                    

If there is a problem then you and the other Captains have to sort it out. The score sheet provided MUST be completed and a preliminary result announced. A report then goes to the Committee for a final decision.