Fixture for 2018

1All groupsSaturday 21st AprilDraycoteAMFCJohn
2Group 1Wednesday 9th MayRutlandFish HawksSi
3Group 1Sunday 10th JunePitsfordTunbridge WellsBob
4Group 1Wednesday 4th JulyGrafhamInvicta 'A'David
5Group 1Sunday 2nd SeptemberFarmoorH.F.A.Neil
2Group 2Wednesday 16th MayBewlBewl 'B'David
3Group 2Saturday 16th JuneEyebrookEPFFADoug
4Group 2Saturday 7th JulyGrafhamGWFFAMark
5Group 2Wednesday 26th SeptemberDraycoteBewl 'A'John
2Group 3Saturday 12th MayChewBristolMartin
3Group 3Wednesday 13th JuneGrafhamGWFFA 'B'Derek
4Group 3Wednesday 4th JulyGrafhamInvicta 'B'David
5Group 3Saturday 22nd Septembe;FarmoorRNRMAARob
6All groupsSaturday 76th OctoberRutlandAMFCJohn
Other contacts
Group 1Rutland Water F.F.Paul
Group 1Soldier Palmers 'A'Jamie
Group 2GreylagsDai
Group 3Soldier Palmers BJamie

Recent Posts

AMFC 2021 Season

I am pleased to report that the AMFC Committee held very productive meeting today by ZOOM to discuss the 2021 programme. 

I seems obvious that we will not be clear of Covid 19 for the normal start of the season and it is likely that we will still be under some form of restrictions for some time. However it was decided to plan for three matches using the Association Match format at dates yet to be confirmed.

It was also agreed that the annual membership fees for clubs will once again be waved as a full program matches will not be fished.

The committee wishes all of our members well and looks forwards to seeing you on the water as soon as we can.  

Further details will be announced at later date.

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