AMFC Group 2 Round 2 Bewl

Bewl Water 16 May 2018

It was well known on the day that the majority of the fish in were within 400 yards of the dam wall.

All fifteen boats headed in that direction and stayed in that area all day! It was a cool and cloudy day, with a moderate North Easterly wind before midday that soon developed into a very rough force six or more. Another reason to stay close to the shelter of the dam.

There were three bagups and four blanks amongst the thirty anglers. The water was 100% full, and gin clear. The fish were a lot closer to the surface than a lot of people thought, which may have caught some of them out.

The top rod on the day was Trevor Bourne from Bewl’s ‘B’ team who finished at 1.15pm. He was on a fast glass, pulling as soon as it hit the water, with two smallish orange blobs. It should be noted that although he started near the dam like everyone else, he drifted a lot further out than any other boat, by as much as another 400 yards, getting interest all the way out past the end of Chingley Wood. Then only turned back because it became too rough.

Rod average was 3.3, and average weight of the fish was 2lbs 7ozs, with the largest being 4lbs 4ozs, also landed by a Bewl ‘B’ team member, Ralph Painter.

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