AMFC Association Match

Grafham Water 22nd May 2021

The first AMFC Association match was held on the 22nd May at Grafham water and all those who attended were rewarded with an excellent day. There were some great catches with reports of several 5lb rainbows and a 6lb Brown being caught.

Group Results

Group 1 
1st Invicta F.F.C. ‘A’
2nd Greylags
3rd Bewl Bridge ‘B’
4th Bristol Reservoirs F.F.A
5th Soldier Palmers ‘B’

Group 2
1st Fish Hawks
2nd Soldier Palmers ‘A’ 3rd GWFFA ‘A’
4th Bewl Bridge ‘A’ 5th Rutland Water
6th Tunbridge Wells

Group 3
2nd FFLR Red
3rd GWFFA ‘B’
4th FFLR Orange
5th Invicta F.F.C. ‘B’
6th England Police F.F.A.

Group 1 round 1 results

Group 2 round 1 results

Group 3 round 1 results


Round 2 – Results

The results for all of the groups round 2 matches have been posted and can be seen on the results page,

For a report of Group 3’s round 2 match go to : Many thanks to Lyndsay Simpson for this write up.

The highlight for my day at Farmoor was the catering, the restaurant was open for a full fisherman’s breakfast and after the match we had a really excellent Lasagne – which we needed after a very tough day!

Group Positions after Round 4

Now that R4 is complete the current league placing sand points become more interesting, please see below:
Group 1
1) Invicta ‘A’ : 22 points
2) Soldier Palmers ‘A’ : 14 points
3) Fish Hawks : 13 points
4) Tunbridge Wells : 12 points (by weight)
5) H.F.A. : 12 points (by weight)
6) RWFFA : 11 points

Group 2
1) BBFC ‘A’ : 18 points
2) England Police : 13 points
3) GWFFA ‘A’ : 12 points
4) Graylags : 9 points
5) BBFC ‘B’ : 8 points

Group 3
1) Invicta ‘B’ : 15 points
2) Bristol Reservoirs : 13 points
3) RNRMAA : 12 points (by weight)
4) Soldier Palmers ‘B’ : 12 points (by weight)
5) GWFFA ‘B’ : 7 points